Club Patinatge Artístic Olot (CPAOlot) does not accept refunds of registrations for its sports activities, except in exceptional cases.

In the event that a person registered for a sports activity has paid the price and is unable to attend due to medical, sudden or unforeseen reasons, Club Patinatge Artístic Olot (CPAOlot) may assess their refund or an alternative for payment taking into account the specific circumstances.

Club Patinatge Artístic Olot (CPAOlot) reserves the right to cancel or postpone an activity or event. If it should be postponed, the registered person will have the right to choose between their participation on a different date without additional cost or the full refund of the registration price. In case of cancellation of the activity or event, the registered person will be reimbursed the full price, the expenses incurred by the reimbursement may be deducted without incurring a penalty for the user.

Cancellation policy

If a person has to cancel their registration for an activity or sporting event of the Club Patinatge Artístic Olot (CPAOlot), in order to opt for a refund of their amount, they must notify the organization at least 48 hours. Otherwise, you will not be entitled to any refund.

In exceptional cases, Club Patinatge Artístic Olot (CPAOlot) may consider a partial refund.

Ticket sale

No changes or refunds will be made in the sale of tickets.

The right of withdrawal will not be applied to the online purchase of tickets for any type of event or show that may be organized by Club Patinatge Artístic Olot (CPAOlot), so no refunds will be made. Not being able to attend the event or making a mistake in your purchase are not grounds for a refund.

Only in case of cancellation of the event or show by CPAOlot, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the tickets, unless the event had already started and its cancellation was due to reasons force majure.



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